Wall Art For Free – Upcycling Driftwood

Upcycling, pure and simple. Just by having a nice walk in a park and picking a piece of driftwood, you will end up with a gorgeous wall art. For free.

I didn’t even plan on searching for driftwood when my husband and I took our dogs to the Mason Neck State Park. As usual, we headed for the water. If we didn’t, our dogs would drag us to it anyway. Our labmaraner Raya goes simply insane if she is near water and not allowed to wade in. Styopa, who is a German shorthaired pointer is not as much enthusiastic about the water as about keeping Raya company and being mischievous in general. So, why bother fighting water dogs wanting to get their hides wet?

It was spring, and the water was high. What I saw just blew my mind away. There were masses and masses of driftwood pieces littering the shore. I felt like a kid in a candy store! The walk simply couldn’t continue until I picked the largest and the prettiest driftwood piece (and then a smaller one but also oh-so-pretty) and zoomed back to the car to store them in the safety of the trunk. They were mine!!!

It was all very simple from then on. Wash the pieces, dry them, clean the sand out of crevises with a soft brush, make a hook on the back using a picture wire, and put it on the wall!

Here it is. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Upcycling driftwood into a wall art

Upcycling driftwood into a wall art

Just look at the 3-D texture.

Driftwood close up

Driftwood close up

As I said – upcycling, pure and simple. 🙂

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