A plumbers pipe bench, all 12 feet of it

plumbers pipe benchAn extra long bench along the wall in the living room was in my design plans from the beginning. I wanted to visually balance the 16-feet-tall section of the wall that was covered with pallet wood.  On a practical side, an extra surface for the table lamp and other things I wanted to display in the living room was also welcome. Now, you can probably find a ton of gorgeous benches on the Internet  of all sorts of styles and materials. I searched and did find many I liked.  There was one problem, however. I couldn’t find any bench that would be 12 feet in length. And that was what I needed. Continue reading


Upcycling pallet wood and other wood scraps

Jeez, it is so hard to concentrate when my puppy boy feels he didn’t have enough action for today and pretends his long, silly nose is a flute and starts playing it – very soft whistles at first, then it all builds up to a crescendo worth of Beethoven. And then he comes to offer me his kisses, and more kisses, and more puppy love, and more whistles and then it all descends to a pure, unadulterated, unsophisticated barking. And then he steals my flip-flops in hopes I will bribe him with a treat to get them back. I usually do. All that after we just came back from a 2-mile walk. A third for the day. Seriously, people, it seems I live to walk my dogs. In any case, my ultimate remedy of locking him up in his wire cage which is right next to me in my home office worked pretty well, and he went for a nap.

Now I can finally switch to the topic of the day. Which is – upcycling pallet wood. Continue reading