New Cushion for Ikea Poang Chair

It’s been way too long since I last posted in the blog. I’ve upcycled a few things in the mean time, so I promise I am going to make a few new posts in a short time. None of them are grandiose, but small things are fun to make, too. In this post I wanted to show a new cushion I just made for an Ikea chair. You know, the famous Ikea’s Poang chair. Continue reading


DIY reupholstering a couch

DYI reupholstering a couch

I never thought about DIY reupholstering furniture until my dogs completely ruined the upholstery on my cheap but beloved armchair I used as my office chair. I found an upholstery shop, emailed them a picture of the chair and asked how much it would be to reupholster it in leather. I was totally clueless how much it could cost. They probably laughed hard when they saw my email. I never got a reply. Then I did a research on reupholstering prices, said “Oops!” and decided I would do the job myself. Nothing to lose, really.

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