Spray painting for a splash of color

Sometimes, all you need is a splash of color to turn a drab into a fab. I needed a couple of bedside tables for our guest bedroom and I wanted them to have just a hint of the Old World style. I found the tables on craigslist. They actually came as an add-on to a very cute and old, heavily carved, Asian style side table. These guys were not that lucky. Their legs were wooden, but the top was made of some kind of a wood-looking laminate. The resulting appearance just screamed: I am so 80s and cheap!

It was the best case for some spray painting! Three spray paint cans with the total price tag of about $10 and an hour of time turned these poor dears into hotties! Pure color and legs turned just ever so slightly make me think of Scandinavian furniture, I am not even sure why. They now definitely look dignified.

Before spray painting, don’t forget to sand slightly and then wipe well.