Making flower arrangements with landscape plants

The time I dreaded has come! We are going to have the first hard frost tonight. And tomorrow is going to be even worse. So I thought of using what little blooms I still have in my garden to make another flower arrangement. I got out and found just a few tiny flower heads on a lantana in a pot and a handful of blooms on my landscape roses. Hm-m. That’s not much. I need more color. Well, berries then! My landscape roses are covered with rose hips, and there is a plenty of berry clusters on nandinas.

So, I used the rose hips as the focal point, and filled the base with a few rose flowers, fern leaves and other foliage clipped from evergreens, and counterweighting the tall rose hip bunch with a cluster of nandina berries. I tried to introduce foliage from several plants into the arrangement to make it interesting in terms of both color and texture but keep it to three varieties to avoid a disjointed look. Well, what do I know :). I never studied how to properly make flower arrangements. I just went with what pleases my eye. I am thinking, though, about spending some time learning the rules of flower arrangement making. There are great tutorials out there, on the Internet. I liked this one, for example:  This one was fun to make, and it was free. I am already thinking about a winter themed arrangement!

Flower arrangement with berries

Making flower arrangements using landscape plants