A Raised Dog Bed for Belka


Belka needed a raised dog bed. She is small, 9 years old, has arthritis, and cannot jump. Belka is our third dog, our latest pet addition. Her name means “squirrel” in Russian. She is from Kazakhstan. She used to be a stray her whole life. Well, she stationed herself at a municipal garage, for the most part, where a couple of drivers cared for her, brought her food from time to time, and found adoptive parents for her puppies. But she was never inside a house and still had to roam the neighborhood for sustenance. This is how my husband first met her – she was searching for food. Then one day he was walking down the street and saw her sitting on the side of the road and nursing her front leg. He picked her up and took her to a vet and then to another, more capable, one. She ended up having a surgery to fix her broken elbow and another one to have her spayed. She was very ill and very confused. My husband cared for her day and night. And then- bam! she got on a plane (three, actually), crossed a half of the globe, and joined our family. Here she is. Everyone, meet our Belka!  Continue reading