Modern Upcycling -A Wall Clock Story

This was one of the quickest upcycling projects I’d ever done. Here is the story.

When we moved into this house five years ago, I put a glass-and-metal clock on the wall in the entry hall so that everyone of us who had to leave the house on time will have a handy time- reference point. The clock was too small for the location, but it served the purpose. The problem with this arrangement was that one could not easily see the clock from the kitchen. And, since our family breakfasts tended to extend into an infinity with talks with and among humans, dogs, and cats, and, at the same time, at least one of the humans had to go to work on time (well, sort of), a clock was a must in the kitchen.  This is why, upon re-doing the kitchen, I moved the clock on one of the walls in it.

Old clock in the kitchen

Old clock in the kitchen

I think the clock felt right at home:). It was a perfect spot, not too large and not too small, and easily seen from the table. However, I noticed that everybody, while in the entry hall, craned their necks looking at the empty space where the clock used to be. Problem. So, after a while, I decided that a new clock was in order. By that time, I settled on the house decor theme which was – “nature rules.” So, I wanted a really big clock on the cheap and with a natural feel.

I found a clock with a minimalistic design on Amazon for $21. It is called Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time Mini and it measures 15 inch in diameter. Instead of numbers, I cut a branch that conveniently broke off a large poplar tree in my front yard, making eight round buttons about 1/2 inch thick, and four oval ones at 50-degree angle.

To put the buttons on the wall properly, I made a template using a newspaper and a large round plate. I then marked the wall checking with a level to make sure the 12 o’clock is 180 degrees to the ground.

Before affixing the buttons permanently with brad nails, I used a double sided tape to put them in their places and put the clock in the center. Nothing looked skewed! Brad nails, then! Being 18 GA, they make really tiny holes one can barely see on the rough surface on the buttons. Good enough for me :).


Wall clock with upcycled branches for numerals

Wall clock with upcycled branches for numerals

To put things into perspective, this is how it looks from a distance.

DIY wall clock made by upcycling a tree branch

DIY wall clock made by upcycling a tree branch

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