About Me

The Red Square in Moscow


It was my daughter who gave me an idea to start this blog. I thought it would be too hard and time consuming, but here I am, with my very own domain, website, and now my very first post. I wanted to share with you upcycling ideas and projects I’ve done and plan to do, and generally how to get things around the house done on the cheap. I hope you will find it fun to come up with an upcycling  idea,  see it through, and then share your thought and results with others.

There is really nothing special about me. I just like making things with my own hands. Must be my father’s genes. As far as I remember, he was in a perpetual process of building something. He had a tiny bee farm in the mountains of East Kazakhstan. Well, he had a few in succession. He would find a site he liked, build a small cottage, live there for a few years, and then move to a new place, beehives and all. Then he would need another cottage to live in. And so on. Several years ago he stopped moving and settled in a place near the town where my sister lives. But he still changes things around his little house and garden.

I really wasn’t much into anything construction until a few years ago. Then we bought a house… At first I tried to do things myself just to save money I would otherwise spend on contractor labor. After a while I noticed that my projects just never stop. I finish one, and I already have two-three in the pipeline. I guess I cannot not do things.

Over the past few years my projects drifted to re-using old things rather than buying new ones. It is fun, it is environmentally responsible, the result can be beautiful if implemented carefully, and it saves tons of money. What not to like?

So I wanted to share with you several ideas and projects I’ve done.