A Glass and Driftwood Vase

Here is a quick project for anyone who likes the look of driftwood in home decor. A simple glass and driftwood vase. It took me about an hour to make it and, believe me, I took my time.

I had this cube vase in storage for at many years. It was given to me, complete with a flower arrangement, at a friend’s wedding. I don’t know why I didn’t threw it away back then, after the flowers wilted. I just kept it using as a storage for things small such as nuts and bolts and washers. A couple of weeks ago I started tidying the storage room and actually put the vase in a trash bag having decided to finally get rid of it. Then I felt bad about it and decided to try and make something with it. To experiment with it a bit. I wasn’t sure what to do with it yet but one thing was obvious: the thing needed cleaning.
So, the first step was to remove the fabric and the glue residue, and give it a good wash. By itself, this made a big difference! It was actually a nice, modern looking, clear glass vase under all this dirt. A few days later, we went for a walk with our dogs in the Mason Neck State park, and I collected a bunch of driftwood sticks with an idea to make a driftwood arrangement using the vase. I liked the arrangement, actually. It had this clean, ultra-modern look to it.
At some point, I may make another one. But this time I decided to experiment, glue the driftwood onto the vase, and see how that would work out. First, I measured the vase and made a template out of paper towels, including marking the corners.
Then I started arranging the driftwood on the template to my liking and cutting the ends of the branches. If the leftover was long enough, I used it in the pattern again making sure that the cut edge will be at the bottom of the vase.
After the template was filled with arranged driftwood, I glued the driftwood sticks to the vase with my hot glue gun, following the template pattern.
Voila! My new driftwood vase is ready to accept flowers!
I am thinking, hyacinths will look lovely in it. I am going to stop by a shop tonight to pick some. I’ll post a pic on how it turns out.
Here it is.
driftwood vase